Welcome to the University System of Maryland Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (USM LSAMP)! Thank you for visiting our page.

The USM alliance partners are:

The LSAMP in the University System of Maryland has trained and supported thousands of students over the years, directly through financial support, and indirectly through influencing institutional climates that foster and celebrate diversity. The LSAMP programs on the three campuses also have names and affiliations that tie LSAMP to broad diversity efforts within the state. At UMBC, the LSAMP students are also known as Meyerhoff Scholars. At College Park, the LSAMP students are part of the Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering, and at UMES, the LSAMP students are part of the STEM Scholars program.

A key factor in the training provided through LSAMP at our institutions is the undergraduate research opportunities. The ability of our scholars to enhance their skills by joining research environments prior to graduating with a Bachelor’s degree has demonstrated a smoother transition into the pursuit of graduate education.