LSAMP @ UMBC SHPE officers present research at 2017 SHPE Conference in Kansas City, MO

Federico Cifuentes-Urtubey, Cesar Suarez and Isis Cabassa, LSAMP students in the STEM Build and Meyerhoff programs at UMBC, participated in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) annual conference in Kansas City, MO. They joined the University System of Maryland’s delegation to the conference, with sponsorship from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Federico is a senior in Computer Science who is currently applying to graduate schools, Isis is a junior in the Mechanical Engineering program, and Cesar is a senior in the Chemical Engineering program.


Federico picture during his presentation and a picture of Isis poster.


The participants engaged in a Twitter activity during the conference to share their experiences.

SHPE Website: SHPE Conference 2017

Specific Items of interest for Participants/travelers:

  • Be sure that you have checked your email and followed all instructions from Yarazeth Medina regarding travel forms, travel allowance, etc.
  • All participant must arrive 2 hours in advance to the airport and you should check in online within 24 hours of the flight.
  • Please remember to save the date for our Pre-departure meeting on Friday, October 31. 
  • Attire for the conference: Business
  • Reimbursements will be processed after the event. Please save your food receipts.


Twitter activity is obligatory. Please engage, and use in your tweets:

#ThinkBigDiversity  #SHPE2017

  • November 1: Arrival (casual clothing)
    • Registration
    • Conference Readiness workshops
    • Extreme Engineering Challenge (strongly suggested)
  • November 2  –  Attire: Business casual
    • Graduate Institute
    • The role of Engineers in Sustainable Development
    • Developing Your Brand
    • How to Ace the Interview Your First Time
    • What is Graduate School: Expectation vs Reality
    • Fellowships: How can I get one
    • Effective Science Communication: Using social media to spread your message
    • Getting a summer internship while in graduate school panel
    • How to Be Your Own CEO
    • Sustainability and You!
    • NASA Student Opportunities
    • You got into graduate school, now what?
  • November 3 – Attire: Business/ business casual
    • How to Slay the Career Fair
    • You are Your Brand!
    • Unlock Your Superpowers
    •  Next Generation Engineers
  • November 4:  – Attire: Business/business casual
    • Poster sessions
    • Visit the Exhibitor Hall
  • November 5: Return (casual clothing).


Students who travel with the Maryland delegation will be expected to participate in a daily Twitter exercise that will start on November 1, 2017, and end on November 4, 2017. All participants will tweet daily for the duration of the trip and will respond to questions that are posted about the conference sessions and experiences. We will use the #ThinkBigDiversity hashtag and the #SHPE2017 in every tweet.

Rules of engagement:

  1. Create a Twitter account if you don’t have one. Please remember that this tweets will be used for official reports and research.
  2. Use #ThinkBigDiversity and #SHPE in each tweet.
  3. When answering a question make sure to follow the logic Ex. “Q1” = Question one, when answering question 1 write “A1” = Answer 1 in front of your answer.
  4. When typing a long answer, please type it on a separate sheet or page and divide the answers into parts so when tweeting it will look like a thread (1/2, 2/2) Ex.:
    1.  Inline image 1
  5. We are aiming for 10 tweets per person, per day.
  6. Please follow and



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