Job Opportunity with CARBICE Corporation in Atlanta, Georgia

 CARBICE Corporation is looking for an excellent recent engineering graduate with high energy and motivation. MEs preferred but EEs, ChMEs, and Materials students are also encouraged to apply. 

If you are not planning to go to grad school right away and are interested in working for a successful start-up, please consider this position. The CEO, Dr. Baratunde Cola, has NSF SBIR funding, is an NSF Career Award winner,  and is the million dollar NSF Waterman award winner. He is at Georgia Tech, and was a visiting professor at MIT.
The job has all of the demands of a small, fast-growing company. It is in Atlanta. Dr. Cola also said that while the job is not connected to a graduate program pathway, the employee would be welcome to pursue graduate studies on her/his own time.
This could be a nice opportunity for someone who is motivated, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and is really good at engineering but wants hands-on experience right away instead of going to grad school right now.
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Applications Engineer

The successful Applications Engineer is a hands-on mechanical engineer with an aptitude for learning new things and a desire to help invent new carbon nanotube based products that remove heat from electronics at least 10 times better than anything else. This position will focus integrating customer requirements, advancements, and discoveries made in our R&D shop and internal company roadmap targets into new commercial products. You’ll be working across mechanical, materials, and electrical domains with scientists, engineers, and technicians, so mental flexibility and collaborative problem-solving abilities are required. You don’t need to have deep experience in all of these fields, but you must be willing to get it.

Job Responsibilities

• Design and test CNT based thermal interface materials and thermal solutions

• Periodic check in with customers throughout the product life cycle to ensure that solutions meet or exceed their critical to quality metrics

• Craft and execute experimental plans

• Find failure-modes and root-causes. Crush them

• Maintain accurate and detailed notes and provide routine reports to the engineering team on developmental progress, lessons learned and customer feedback

• Contribute to writing case studies and application white papers that assist marketing


• B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

• Strong understanding of heat transfer

• Strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills

• Strong mechanical design and fabrication aptitude

• Ability to work in team based environment

Good to Have

• Familiarity with systematic design of experiments

• Familiarity with 3D CAD software

• Willingness to travel to conferences and present papers

• Experience in six sigma or similar lean manufacturing environment

• Portfolio of past engineering/design projects (professional and/or personal)


Carbice develops innovative thermal materials solutions that enable breakthrough optimal performance in electronic devices. Our products enable smaller, more powerful electronic devices that are easier to assemble and unlock mass adoption of affordable connectivity in homes, industry, and from Earth to Mars. Our developments represent the new standard of high thermal conductivity materials in the electronics cooling industry.



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