USM LSAMP students featured by Dr. @Renetta_Tull at #NSFNextGenSTEM DC forum [@NSF_EHR, @UMBC] #ThinkBigDiversity @UMD_LSAMP

This morning, USM’s LSAMP program was discussed at STEM Learning for All forum, supported by NSF. USM’s LSAMP was discussed in the context of mentoring models and mentoring messaging. The talk presented USM’s LSAMP students as the Nobel Laureates and STEM leaders of the future. The suggestion was that models of STEM identity should be used to help students to see themselves as STEM contributors and leaders for the long-term, not just for the purpose of getting the diploma or next degree.

STEM Learning Website

Six LSAMP students were featured by name:

LSAMP undergraduates Dania Morris (UMCP), Anthony Ayala (UMCP), Brenda Gutierrez (UMBC), Kendall Queen (UMBC), JeanPaul Badjo (UMES), and LSAMP-BD PhD student Kavita Krishnaswamy (UMBC). A subset of the slides that were used in the presentation can be found below. The constructs for mentoring were explained among the student features.

Cover page



Final Slide


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