USM LSAMP students from UMBC, UMCP, & UMES take time to learn about graduate school #ThinkBigDiversity

LSAMP students from UMBC, the University of Maryland College Park, and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore came together this fall to learn more about graduate school. The GEM GRAD Lab was sponsored by the NSF PROMISE AGEP program, and facilitated by the National GEM Consortium. Students had a chance to hear four #GEMGRADLab modules:

  1. Why Graduate School
  2. How to Apply
  3. How to Fund
  4. Voices from the Field

The full program can be found here, through our PROMISE partner:

Posts that can help students with developing graduate school applications can be found in these links, based on speeches at GEM GRAD Labs, seminars for LSAMP students, and talks for LSAMP-BD students by USM LSAMP Co-Director, Renetta Tull:

  1. Solidifying relationships with professors – beyond being nervous
  2. Tips for developing faculty relationships
  3. Letting resilience win over rejection
  4. Applying to graduate school and letters of recommendation

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